Top 10 Reasons Home Owners Sell a Phoenix Home

A home is a great investment both financially and personally. It affords a pride in ownership that few other purchases instill in the buyer. It goes from being a house that you bought to the home where you find refuge and where you create lasting memories with family and friends. But there can come a … Continued

Divorce and Your Home

Going through a divorce is never an easy time. Even the most amicable divorces can drag on for an extended period and put additional stress on everyone involved. One of the tensest topics of most divorces is the family home. It is an item which can hold great emotional value as well as a great … Continued

Deciding to Keep or Sell during a Divorce

The key to making any difficult decision is having all of the information to make a well informed choice. During a divorce, both parties are faced with many difficult choices and in some cases they must come to a mutual decision. This is exactly what they must overcome when trying to choose to keep or … Continued

Selling Before or After a Divorce in Phoenix

Facing a divorce can be very stressful even when both spouses agree that it is best for everyone involved. There are many aspects of a shared life that you will now need to dissect into equal parts as you begin your lives apart. One of the most significant investments that most couples share is the … Continued

Bankruptcy and Home Sale

When you file for bankruptcy, you essentially create a bankruptcy estate which places all of your debts and assets in the hands of the court. A trustee is appointed to manage the estate during the process and you are not permitted to sell or give away anything in the estate without the courts approval. Under … Continued

What is a Probate Sale?

A probate sale is what happens when a homeowner dies without having a will and leaving the house to an heir. As a result an estate attorney is selling the house to get the money to distribute to the family members. Often, time is a factor in these types of sales and buyers can purchase … Continued

Can I Sell During Foreclosure

Being behind on your mortgage payments is very stressful. You don’t want to lose your home and any equity that you may have built up in the home but you also feel helpless and trapped. Many homeowners start to feel that the bank simply wants to foreclose to take back the equity that you have … Continued

Selling During Foreclosure in Arizona

There is no worse feeling that being in debt with no way to pay what you owe. In many cases the result is a letter from your mortgage company saying that you are in default of the loan agreement and they are beginning the foreclosure process. At this point, you may feel completely defeated and … Continued

Why should I sell my Scottsdale home?

There are many reasons to sell your home in Scottsdale. And this is a great time for sellers as the economy has improved and many consumers who couldn’t get approved for a mortgage before are interested in purchasing a home now. This increase in buyers has led to a shortage of inventory and has created a … Continued

Reasons to sell my Maricopa Home

It is not uncommon for homeowners to think about selling their house. On average, most Americans move every 5 to 7 years. If you are considering selling, then you will want to understand what has motivated you at this time and what you want to achieve by selling your home. That will help you and … Continued