Handling a Home Sale during a Divorce

Facing a divorce is never easy and there are a number of difficult tasks that you will need to find a way to handle. With added stress and high emotions it can be difficult for both spouses to agree on anything let alone something as important as what to do with the family home. But … Continued

Divorce and Your Home

When you are in the process of a divorce, every phase of your life is changing. You are taking the life that you have built with your spouse and dividing it in half. All aspects need to be shared in a manner which is fair for both of you. In some cases, such as a … Continued

Reasons to Sell Your House in Maricopa

If you are buying or selling a home, then it is good to spend a few minutes thinking about the reasons anyone would buy or sell a home. Not all reasons apply to everyone but they can help to understand a buyer or a seller’s motivation. Knowing what the other party wants or needs out … Continued

Reasons Homeowners Sell Their Phoenix Home

Many people are shocked to learn that the average homeowner moves about every 5 to 7 years. There are some people who live in a single home for more than half of their lives but that is becoming less and less common in today’s busy world. There are many factors that play a big role … Continued

3 Reasons to Sell Your Arizona Home

Deciding to sell your Arizona home is a big decision. It can have an impact on many aspects of your life in both a good and bad fashion. So it is important to understand your goals for selling and the main reason which is driving you to sell your home. Here are a few reasons … Continued

Best Case Scenario Home Sale during a Divorce

Facing a divorce is never easy. Even when both spouses agree that a divorce is the best solution, it is still difficult. There are years of history to untangle and divide in a fair fashion. Finances, property and emotions can all play a role in the planning and actual execution of the division of community … Continued

The Truth about Bank Foreclosures in Arizona

A bank will foreclose on a home when the borrower has not been able to make the payments for some reason. There are occasions when the lender will work with a homeowner to correct a short term financial issue but if the bank thinks it is not going to get paid then it will foreclose … Continued

What to do AFTER the eviction process in Arizona

Okay, you have evicted the tenant. You are done, right? Wrong. Whether you have evicted a tenant for nonpayment of rent or for any type of noncompliance, you need to observe the following procedures. These steps are critical. If not done or done improperly, you may lose the right to recover certain damages from the … Continued

How to evict a tenant in Arizona

What are the procedural steps for evicting a tenant in the state of Arizona? This is a short and seemingly simple question; the answer is very long and involves many steps. First, you must know what you can and cannot do. Second, you must decide which notice is appropriate to your circumstances and serve it … Continued