2017- A Great Year to Sell

If you have been thinking about selling your home, then you will want to make your decision quickly. 2017 proves to be a great year to sell according to real estate experts. Even though it has been a seller’s market for a few years, this year is expected to be even better for sellers. Mortgage … Continued

Reasons to Never Own a Home Again

Most people grow up believing that a big part of the American Dream revolves around home ownership. We look forward to the day that we will be in a position to purchase our first home and enter into the world of real estate. Home ownership is perceived as representing prosperity, responsibility and stability. But the … Continued

Selling Now In Phoenix

If you have been thinking about selling your Phoenix home, now is a great time. It can be hard to take that big step and decide to list your home but by waiting you will only be missing out on the seller’s market that Phoenix is experiencing. Low inventory and good interest rates have potential … Continued

Selling Due to a Change in the Neighborhood

If you have lived in the same area for many years, you know that a neighborhood grows and changes just like a living being. When you first moved in it might have been an up and coming area with homes being renovated and parks being refurbished. And you might have watched a number of cycles … Continued

Reasons to Sell in 2017

2017 is predicted to be the best homes sales year in over a decade. The economy is getting stronger and many consumers are finding that they are now able to get approved for a loan after many years of being declined. Real estate professionals predict that sales in hot markets could jump as much as … Continued

Sell vs. Stay

Many homeowners will consider selling their home several times over the course of owning it. But very few will think through all of the pro’s and con’s of both options. They begin to think of all that they would need to do before selling and the list seems too long to be worth it. But … Continued

Why Consider a Fast Sale

Selling your home can be demanding. It can require that you make repairs and renovations, invest additional cash, schedule showings and time for an open house and to be ready at a moment’s notice for a potential buyer to visit. Then you must just wait until an offer or hopefully multiple offers are made. There … Continued

Sell Your Arizona Home Without Paying Fees

If you are struggling to pay for a home which may soon go into foreclosure or if you simply can’t afford the mortgage, then you may need to sell your home fast. Waiting for a real estate agent to come around and convince you to sell at a price where he/she makes a commission and … Continued